Services for financial industry

Empirica offers IT services for financial institutions in following areas related to software development:

  • Server-Side Development

    Back-end applications development, based on JEE servers or custom solutions when high  performance is required.

  • Web and Mobile Development

    Development of web, mobile and desktop applications including trading applications with advanced presentation layer (charting, interactive tables, reports).

  • Connectivity

    Implementation of connections to exchange, brokerage or back-office systems or any other systems that require integration.

  • Algorithms

    Support in technical side of algorithmic strategies implementation.

  • Testing

    Customers support in testing their own systems and applications regarding conformance to standards, compatibility to exchanges’ systems, performance, stability and security.

  • Optimization

    System tuning through optimization of source code, database or system I/O operations  in order to achieve the required performance levels.

Software development

IT services are provided by Empirica professional team that:

  • include programmers, architects, testers and system administrators with years of experience in applications development for the financial sector,
  • based on project profile team can be augmented with expert quants and traders,
  • has broad experience in international IT projects speaking fluent English and/or German,
  • uses best software development practices, such as scrum, continuous integration, software quality metrics monitoring,
  • develops and maintains software development infrastructure (software configuration management, continuous delivery, test management) that can be easily customized to client project needs
Empirica usługi IT

Development of trading software as well as algorithmic strategies requires knowledge and experience in statistics, risk control, trading and technology. Empirica is a team of enthusiasts who share a common passion for this areas, with emphasis on technology that underlays and connects them all.  

Years of comprehensive experience in integration projects performed for multinational corporations as well as proprietary platform development enabled us to gain a practical understanding of technologies used in the financial markets. This experiences as well as our own solutions enable us to provide efficient support for our partners. To ensure long term success for such highly complex projects we belive it’s essential to base the cooperation on mutual trust and understanding.